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Profound is a new treatment that tightens skin of the lower face and neck without surgery. Patients who desire a lifted appearance, firmer and smoother skin, and wrinkle reduction, but don’t want the downtime from a facelift have found a great solution! Profound is a radio frequency treatment to tighten the skin, but also creates more volume and elastic tissue for youthful looking skin. The treatment is effective in restoring skin and treat laxity under the chin, neck, jowls, and around the mouth. Profound also has a separate function that treats cellulite and loose skin of the body. This can be used to treat the arms, legs, “saddle bags,” and any additional areas where there may be cellulite and loose/ sagging skin.

Profound stimulates the reproduction of hyaluronic acid, new collagen and elastin. Profound is safe for all skin types such as the radio frequency engird is color-blind, allowing this to be a safe treatment for persons with Asian, Hispanic, or African American skin. Only one treatment is needed for most patients with about 5 days of bruising and swelling afterwards. Results are visible in as little as two weeks, and will continue to improve over 6-9 months as the body replaces old collagen and elastic tissue with new collagen and elastic tissue.

The Profound technology is a machine manufactured by Syneron utilizing a hand piece. Dr. Rodman is one of the few providers in Houston to offer this groundbreaking technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Profound treatment?

Profound is a minimally invasive bipolar RF system with patented Real Time Temperature Control that utilizes 5 pairs of micro-needle electrodes, deployed into the dermis, to precisely deliver fractionated thermal injuries in the deep reticular dermis, where the concentration of collagen is the highest. Fractionated thermal zones are created within the dermis, without thermal impact to the epidermis. Thermal injury to treated areas stimulates would healing, dermal remodeling and new elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid formation, resulting in visible skin improvement.

What is the effect of temperature on the dermal remodeling process?

To be effective, non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures need to trigger the dermal remodeling process, so that a global wound healing response is triggered and new elastin and collagen will proliferate. Loss of elastin and collagen due to genetics and aging results in skin laxity and loss of elasticity. It is known from the literature that partially denaturizing collagen is much more effective at triggering neocollagenesis than fully denatured collagen.1,2 Partially denatured collagen can heal 38% faster than fully denatured collagen and produces a more profound wound healing response. Dosimetry studies have shown that to consistently produce partially denatured collagen, it is important to reach and maintain a target dermal temperature at an optimal range of 67°C – 74°C for 3-4 seconds. Only with Profound is it possible to accurately reach and maintain the exact thermal dose of energy (temperature and time at temperature) needed to partially denature collagen and create the fastest healing response for dermal remodeling.

Why is Profound a unique, novel device for treating skin laxity and increasing dermal volume, particularly of the jawline and submental area?

The Profound system incorporates temperature sensors embedded within the micro-needles and a real- time temperature feedback algorithm to reach and maintain an optical dermal temperature of 67°C for 3-4 seconds, regardless of skin impedance or thermal conditions. Only Profound’s temperature-based feedback algorithm can predictably meet the desired thermal endpoint. With this unique approach, a vigorous wound healing response is initiated with a profound increase in elastin and collagen observed at 10 weeks after treatment; thereby, resulting in greater clinical ef cacy for rhytid and skin laxity treatment.

What can patients expect from Profound treatment?

Ideally, skin rejuvenation treatment should result in good aesthetic outcome with minimal risk of complications. Neoelastogenesis and neocollagenesis should be clinically correlated with less skin laxity, greater elasticity and increased dermal volume. Profound was developed to improve the efficacy and predictability of nonsurgical treatments. Studies have shown that a single Profound treatment has a 100% response rate for rhytides and 95% for laxity at 6 months after treatment*. Patients can return to normal activities within 24 hours after treatment. Minimal to moderate erythema is to be expected with resolution within 2-12 hours. Generalized edema may occur following treatment, which resolves within 1 to 5 days. Profound treatment is associated with minimal downtime compared to surgical face lift in which patients experience scarring at surgical margins, erythema, edema, and ecchymosis, and a return to normal activities on suture removal at 7 to 10 days.

What are the indications for Profound treatment?

Profound is indicated for use in dermatologic and general surgical procedures for electrocoagulation and hemostasis, and the percutaneous treatment of facial wrinkles. The decision to treat with Profound should be based upon appropriate diagnostic evaluation and consideration of all patient factors.

What types of treatments can be performed with Profound?

Profound can be used to treat nasolabial and melolabial folds, jowls, submental, submandibular redundancy and neck strands by repairing the dynamic properties of the skin, elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, and restoring dermal volume loss.

What percentage of your patients will respond to treatment?

Profound treatment has a 100% response rate for rhytides and 95% for laxity at 6 months after treatment*.

* Based on results of a clinical study in 20 patients, measuring improvement in Fitzpatrick Wrinkle Scale at 3 months compared to baseline based on independent review of photographs
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